BELTS Project Overview

Welcome to the BELTS Project Home Page. From here, you should be able to find out everything you need to know about BELTS.


The Basic E-Learning Tool Set (BELTS) has been developed by The Le@rning Federation (TLF) to demonstrate the distribution, management and use of online curriculum content and to aid investigation of requirements for e-learning environments by Australian and New Zealand school jurisdictions.

BELTS currently provides a limited set of tools, including:

  • A content repository;

  • Basic activity creation, using lessons;

  • Basic group management, using classes;

  • Content to curriculum outcomes matching (the curriculum organiser);

  • Downloading of content from The Le@rning Federation's Exchange repository of online curriculum content;

  • Content replication from one BELTS to another, and

  • System administration.


BELTS has currently not been developed as a fully featured learning management system. BELTS is, however, an open source project that can be further developed. The Le@rning Federation encourages Australian and New Zealand education jurisdictions, and others, to consider options for collaborating and contributing to the evolution of BELTS. For more information about the project and how you can participate visit the BELTS project web site

About The Le@rning Federation

The Le@rning Federation, is an initiative delivered on behalf of the Australian Education Systems Officials Committee (AESOC) by a joint venture of limited and Curriculum Corporation

In January 2001, as part of the Backing Australia's Ability: Innovation Action Plan the Prime Minister announced funding of $34.1 million over 5 years to support the Initiative to:

  • Develop a body of high-quality curriculum content, suitable to each State and Territory;

  • Develop a framework which supports distributed access;

  • In the long term, use the framework and content to stimulate further contribution to the pool of material.

In July 2001, all Australian States and Territories agreed to match the Commonwealth funds. Following this, New Zealand joined in the Initiative.